Calling all seamstresses, tailors and those skilled in the art of sewing:


Ecclesiastical Sewing of Brainerd, Minnesota is partnering with Fort Worth, TX based Wheelhouse Marketing & PR to donate and distribute hospital staff gowns and surgical masks that are desperately in high demand during this time.


Our organization specializes in religious textiles and we are looking to add to our network of seamstresses, tailors and other individuals who can sew to volunteer in the production of these much-needed gowns and masks.  


Turnaround needs to be very timely and for your convenience I have posted the “patterns” of the needed items.   Shipment of these items can be sent to our partner, Wheelhouse Marketing and PR.  They will then distribute to their contacts at hospitals and facilities in need.  Please ship to:  100 Austin Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107


For more information please contact

Carrie Roberts:  :: 218-330-3598 :: 

See Instructions below or click link download instructions