Executive Summary

Wheelhouse teamed with some of the brightest minds in information science to offer its proprietary “Blackbox” technology. is a CDM: Customer Data Management Tool Blackbox is a tool that  Blackbox solves solves the problems related to of capturing, organizing and analyzing data gathered during live encounters with the consumer.

Blackbox delivers accurate data metrics in a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform.

The Process Result

Blackbox powerfully connects verticals that traditionally lived separately.

Pernod Ricard & RNDC have an immense network of sales reps, marketing personnel, agencies and promotional personnel,  which requires an incredible large amounts of communication and strategy to be effective. Through real-time data capture incorporating year-to-year analyses and assessment, The Blackbox tool engages and touches each department, gathering, assimilating and organizing the collaborative data needed. to be ultimately successful through real-time data capture and comparative year to year analyzation.

Result and Application

Gathering accurate and relevant field data from the field is no longer a difficult.

task. Through aBy utilizing the mobile app, Blackbox simplifies the reporting process while creating a direct market link into the market. Proof is in the data.  and wWhat can be done with that knowledge makes a big difference.

Blackbox has been As a valuable tool in booking and managing tasting events, Blackbox while continues to organizing information collected into a relevant data stream with each event. Brand managers, market managers and agencies can not only view all of this information, all the time – adding they can also input and tracking all of their accounts to creating valuable historical and trending snapshots from anywhere.