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WhO         ARE


Wheelhouse Marketing is a group of impassioned and creative individuals who know that there are no traffic jams on the extra mile.  We develop connectivity between brands and consumers by bringing them together in a forum that is imaginative, innovative and inspirational. As a full- service marketing firm, Wheelhouse takes a distinctive human approach to manifesting a message that speaks to both the mind and soul of your consumer, transforming them into fans.

WhY         DO IT


Wheelhouse offers our clients best in class, proven strategy and partnership excellence.

  • Tenured leadership with over 20 years in Public Relations, Marketing and Partnership Acquisition 

  • Proven experience in building campaigns and platforms that yield sustainable connections with healthy results

  • Marketing, Media, Experiential and Event Strategy


We are here as an extension of your team. We help you to advance your business by leveraging our expertise, best

practices and partnerships; it is our role to see that you lead the space in your vertical.


WhO         ARE


Our company culture is truly unique. Our staff members come from many creative walks of life: artists, filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians, builders, educators and broadcast media.

Our experiences are what give Wheelhouse an edge to present fresh ideas fearlessly, while providing quality and value at a fast, versatile pace with meticulous communication and consistency.

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